The Story in the News: ABC12 Frankenmuth, MI

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May 28, 2104
Larry Elliott of ABC12 in Flint interviews Pastor Mark Brandt of St Lorenz Lutheran Church and Linda Howard of Frankenmuth United Methodist Church in Frankenmuth, Michigan about their city-wide worship celebration to mark the completion of The Story, which they did together with all five churches in the city of Frankenmuth this past year, including the Catholic church and two non-denominational churches.

GOLD FEVER ( original song )

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Song reloaded due to copyright claim by the BBC on video content owned by them, new random video from KRAKOW salt mine & square from a recent visit. Not to be confused by the paint your wagon song of the same name.
Within each mining rush there is typically a transition through progressively higher capital expenditures, larger organizations, and more specialized knowledge. They may also progress from high-unit value to lower unit value minerals (from gold to silver to base metals).
A rush typically begins with the discovery of placer gold made by an individual. At first the gold may be washed from the sand and gravel by individual miners with little training, using a gold pan or similar simple instrument. Once it is clear that the volume of gold-bearing sediment is larger than a few cubic metres, the placer miners will build rockers or sluice boxes, with which a small group can wash gold from the sediment many times faster than using gold pans. Winning the gold in this manner requires almost no capital investment, only a simple pan or equipment that may be built on the spot, and only simple organisation. The low investment, the high value per unit weight of gold, and the ability of gold dust and gold nuggets to serve as a medium of exchange, allow placer gold rushes to occur even in remote locations.
After the sluice-box stage, placer mining may become increasingly large scale, requiring larger organisations and higher capital expenditures. Small claims owned and mined by individuals may need to be merged into larger tracts. Difficult-to-reach placer deposits may be mined by tunnels. Water may be diverted by dams and canals to placer mine active river beds or to deliver water needed to wash dry placers. The more advanced techniques of ground sluicing, hydraulic mining and dredging may be used.

Typically the heyday of a placer gold rush would last only a few years. The free gold supply in stream beds would become depleted somewhat quickly, and the initial phase would be followed by prospecting for veins of lode gold that were the original source of the placer gold. Hard rock mining, like placer mining, may evolve from low capital investment and simple technology to progressively higher capital and technology. The surface outcrop of a gold-bearing vein may be oxidized, so that the gold occurs as native gold, and the ore needs only to be crushed and washed (free milling ore). The first miners may at first build a simple arrastra to crush their ore; later, they may build stamp mills to crush ore more quickly. As the miners dig down, they may find that the deeper part of vein contains gold locked in sulfide or telluride minerals, which will require smelting. If the ore is still sufficiently rich, it may be worth shipping to a distant smelter (direct shipping ore). Lower-grade ore may require on-site treatment to either recover the gold or to produce a concentrate sufficiently rich for transport to the smelter. As the district turns to lower-grade ore, the mining may change from underground mining to large open-pit mining.

Many silver rushes followed upon gold rushes. As transportation and infrastructure improve, the focus may change progressively from gold to silver to base metals. In this way, Leadville, Colorado started as a placer gold discovery, achieved fame as a silver-mining district, then relied on lead and zinc in its later days. Butte, Montana began mining placer gold, then became a silver-mining district, then became for a time the world’s largest copper producer.

Rep. Byron Rushing: “Slavery and Emancipation in the Invention of Massachusetts” | Talks at Google

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As part of Black History Month, Google invited MA State Rep & Majority Whip Byron Rushing to give a talk on any topic relevant to the black experience. In this talk, Rep. Rushing delves into the lesser-known history of slavery in Massachusetts.

Rep. Rushing is a historian by training and former President of the Museum of African American History in Boston.

Feast of Ralph Adams Cram Evensong

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St. Paul’s honors the life and artistry of legendary architect Ralph Adams Cram with a special evensong service on December 16, 2018. Rev. Dixon Kinser shows how Cram’s 1928 Gothic Revival design for St. Paul’s still inspires us to be “A House of Prayer for All People.” To celebrate, two anthems are offered – “Rejoice in the Lord” by Anonymous and “This is the Record of John” by Orlando Gibbons.

Voices of Eden — “For the Rest of My Life (I’ll Serve Him)”

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Voices of Eden Gospel Choir at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Fall 2017 Tour: Love & Faith Christian Fellowship (Greensboro, NC), Voices of Eden Concert — November 17, 2017. Performing “For the Rest of My Life (I’ll Serve Him)” by Rev. Timothy Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir. Soloist: Dwayne Simmons. For booking purposes, contact [email protected] ‘Like’ us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter @VOEVault. Instagram: Voicesofeden.

2015 Ford F-150 Kansas City MO 152268

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Cool Games & Fun Warm-ups

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A clip from Cool Games & Fun Warm-ups

Are you interested in raising morale? Raising income? Creating excitement in your programs? Boosting attendance and retention? Here are “tried-and-true” methods to make your gym one of the happiest places ever!


These two DVDs features games and fun activities for warm-up, conditioning, skill development and more, with choices for all age groups. Disk 1 will focus on “General Use” activities that can be used for any situation.

Disk 2 features “advanced” activities that can be used to spice up conditioning, develop skills and have a ton of fun doing it! It includes lots of group activities and “skill-specific” ideas.

Presented By:
Dave Adlard
Directed By:
Tom Beach
TRB Design, Inc.
Run Time:
94 minutes (2 disk set)
Recreational Gymnastics — For the Gym
Release Date:
July 2008

The Mysterious Murder Of William Caswell In Knoxville TN

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William Caswell has become a legendary figure in Knoxville, Tennessee. He hasn’t become famous for his deeds in life. Instead, he is popular for his mysterious murder. Who killed William Caswell? Does anyone really know? Check out this episode to learn more about the murder of William Caswell.

Eric Sirota – “Jew Boy White Boy” (Illinois Interfaith Conference 2016)

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Interfaith Poets perform live at the 2016 Illinois Interfaith Conference at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT: [email protected]
Performances | Workshops | Panels
For conferences, colleges, K-12, community spaces, churches, mosques, etc we are creating healthy dialogs around faith for interfaith and secular communities through the arts!

The Interfaith Poets is a diversity initiative supported by Chicago Slam Works a non-profit that continues to “Put Poetry on It’s Feet”

This poem is © Eric Sirota 2016
This video is © LuxCamena Photography and Interfaith Poets 2016
This video was shot and edited by Lauren Herrmann